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Get your driving license in a cozy and safe environment

At Trafikbasen, theory lessons take place in the heart of Copenhagen (flæsketorvet 60, Kødbyen) – in a cozy and informal tone.

Sign up for a class, the first class is free

Payment will only take place if you want to continue with us, after your trial session.

Kristine Äsblom

Calm, flexible and educational!. I have driven with Naeem throughout the course of my driving license and am super happy with him as a teacher! He is calm and educational, and adapts the driving course to you. In addition, he is very flexible, which has made it easy for me to fit in with my work!

Cecilie Moesgaard

I was lucky enough to have Naeem as my driving instructor during my driving course. He is a really patient and good teacher. He taught me to start with the accelerator, which is often not taught. He went up in I was ready for the test so the chance was greatest to pass. I passed in the first round and had a good experience along the way.

Sign up for a class, the first class is free

Payment will only take place if you want to continue with us, after your trial session.

A driving license does not have to be so expensive - only for what you need.

Trafikbasen allows you to pay for each driving hour or part of the training
at a time, which may be more affordable for your finances.

Statutory Starter Package

kr. 4495
  • Unlimited theory
  • Maneuver course (4 lessons)
  • The smooth track (4 lessons)

Starter package does not include driving lessons.
Price per driving lesson only 500 DKK
Only with automatic transmission 

Pay after the second theory lesson

The whole package

kr. 12495
  • Unlimited theory
  • 16 driving lessons
  • Maneuver course (4 lessons)
  • The smooth track (4 lessons)

If you want more than 16 driving lessons, you can buy more for just 500 DKK per driving lesson.
Normal price 14995

Pay after the second theory lesson


kr. 3050
  • Ordering a theory and driving test
  • 2 driving lessons
  • Driving test incl. warm up

Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts about how to get started with re-acquisition.
Only with automatic transmission

Pay after the second theory lesson

That's what some of the students who have taken their driving license from Trafikbasen say

Collection points

Practical information

There are theory lessons on Saturdays at 11:00 to 13:30 and Mondays at 17:00 to 19:30

Team start on Mondays has theory every Monday for 8 weeks.

Team start on Saturdays has theory every Saturday for 8 weeks.

Test fee to the DanishTransport Agency DKK 1,000
Practical driving test incl. warm-up lesson DKK 1550
Extra driving lesson if needed DKK 500
First aid course at the Red Cross DKK 620
Evening surcharge for driving after 17 per lesson DKK 100
Weekend supplement when driving per lesson DKK 150

Our driving instructor will always welcome you at the door and accompany you up to the teaching room FT.2 Cinema with a great view of Copenhagen and the meat town. Flæsketorvet 60 (the meat town).

We also offer that you can take your driving license in automatic transmission.

The advantage of automatic transmission is that if you already know that you are going to drive an automatic transmission car, you avoid the trouble with the clutch point with manual transmission. It gives you a greater overview to learn the traffic, where you have more time to make your orientations and drive in the traffic as the gears on the car change automatically.

Note that your driving license will then be limited to automatic transmission only. If in the future you want to be able to use manual transmission as well, you can take a new driving test with a car in manual transmission. In that time, you have gained more experience in driving and it will be easier to learn the clutch point.

We also offer to help you if you have lost your driving license. You must go to citizen services and get your driver’s license application (P23) approved and when it has been approved, you contact us to plan your course for controlling theory and driving test.

Contact us to find out if this is the right course for you

If you have not driven a car for a long time or want to drive with a driving instructor to brush up on driving or theory, that is also possible.

Contact us to find out if this is the right course for you.

Why choose our driving school?

Trafikbasen provides a targeted teaching course where your learning is at the centre.

We are proud of our high pass rate. Your success is
our success and we will do everything we can to ensure you are ready to pass your driving test.

We want to ensure that you feel safe and secure behind the wheel from the very first driving lesson.

We attach great importance to the learning environment being high both in the theory lessons and in the driving lessons. We provide thorough teaching in the theory, so that you are ready to use it actively in the next driving lesson.

In addition, we have carefully planned routes adapted to the learning of the various maneuvers on the road with an educational and patient driving instructor. The driving school plans your entire course in our online booking system to complete the driving education in an easy and flexible way and you as a student have access to.
The theory lessons take place in Kødbyen (Copenhagen V) in comfortable cinema seats. Transport by S-train, Metro, Regional train and bus leads to Trafikbasen’s premises.

The theory teaching and the maneuver course

The theory teaching takes place using a combination of blackboard and projector, which gives plenty of opportunity to ask questions along the way.

Already at the maneuvering area, we focus on making you feel at ease before you have to sit alone in the car and perform the various exercises.

Driving on the road

Getting out on the road for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry! The driving instructor has all the responsibility during your driving on the road. We provide an educational and patient driving instructor who guides you in how to carry out the maneuver before you start the exercise.

You are thus not thrown into something that you have not understood. If the driving instructor judges that the maneuver is not satisfactory, the maneuver is repeated until the satisfactory result is achieved, so that your driving is as good as possible. We have made sure to select routes that are specially adapted to the training of the various maneuvers and without unnecessary traffic or other disturbances.